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I Can't Afford It
You can't afford the expense of training? If you are really desirous of developing your physique, you will look at your limited income and find ways to cut out some things which you now do to make the funds available. Which is more important, your new car, TV, computer or your development of a good physique? If you are really going to be a good physical specimen, you will quit smoking and/or alcohol if you use them now, and that will provide extra cash.

Then, too, most gyms have less expensive programs if you choose specific days and hours. Check out what you now spend on various things and weigh their importance against your developing a great physique. We are justly most interested in bodybuilders who began the sport early in life and still have youthful physiques to show the results of their dedication and hard work.

However, there are other bodybuilders who have passed the years when they could be considered young. Some of these began working out at an early age and have continued on to their present vibrant seniority.