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What Can Bodybuilding Accomplish?
Then, there are others who, like me, began rather late in life, but whose minds and spirits as well as their physiques, now testify to what bodybuilding can accomplish. The rejuvenation that I have experienced from bodybuilding has given me the motto: "It is never too late to become what you might have been."

The regular entries on this site will be a verbal and pictorial record of what I have and am accomplishing through bodybuilding and reflections on the program that I follow.

It is my intent that this site may serve to motivate others who think their age or condition precludes them from bodybuilding to become rejuvenated through bodybuilding. As a background for what this site's succeeding entries shall contain, let me now give you a sketch of my life which has led me to my rejuvenation through bodybuilding. Perhaps then you will understand why I place such importance on the sport. Perhaps you will find some parallel of it in your own life.