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No time to go to the gym? Oh yes there is! Surely no one is active 24 hours each day of the week. We all find or make time for what we really need to do. Rejuvenation through bodybuilding is what you have a real need to do. You will have the time. You will make the time.

But I...
You don't have the strength to lift weights? Unless you are really physically handicapped you can lift light weights. That is all that is required until you develop strength for greater weights. In bodybuilding it is not the amount of weight lifted. It is the use of any weight which can be lifted for as many time as you can lift it that develops muscle. Lifting only five pounds and having to really work to do it will insure that you will move to lifting other heavier weights. Your body will respond to the demands you put upon it and develop, over time, the required muscle strength.