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Stimulate Your Mind
Stimulate your mind to work on your body, your muscles. Remember the half-time invigorating talk the coach gives his team to motivate them toward victory in the second half? Well, if you have reached the age when your physique is faltering, then you are at your 'half-time'. So, talk to yourself. Remind yourself that you really want a physique you can show in pride. Tell yourself that you can do it. Tell yourself that you will do it.

Let the understanding sink in that it is humiliating to be in poor condition and that you can and will make huge improvements. Think of the pleasure you will have when others stare at you in disbelief when you tell them how old you really are. Know that you can defeat the years for they are the opposition you will conquer in the second half. Know these things and believe them and the victory will be yours. I have not taken as my screen name Mindrulesmuscle for no reason at all. Mind can and does rule muscle when you require it to do so.