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My Regrets
My only regret is that I waited so many years in the darkness of physical weakness before setting my mind and body to work at improving. After just a couple of months working out again, I had vigor and will to play strenuously with my grand nephew, then six years old.

I found him looking at me and then at my hands when he said to me, "Why are your hands old?" He could not understand why I had hands wrinkled with age while I had the endurance of a younger man. His words told me that I was again on the right path, although with a long way to go.

There is nothing on earth that cannot be improved with the abilities with which we humans have been granted. To resign yourself to having a poor physique at any age is to refuse to use the ability that lies within you to improve that which can be improved. The first step is to desire improvement, and I maintain that every mentally intact person has that desire. You have it already or you would not be reading this article.