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1 December 2002

If any viewing this site would like to receive e-mail notification when changes are made or there are new entries in this journal, I will see that they receive them. All you need to do is send me an e-mail request to and you will be added to my mailing list. If you would rather, you may put a note in the guest book of this site and the update notices will be sent you. On the subject of the guest book, you will find it on the contacts page of this site. Just click on "sign my guest book" and then make your entry. Your comments about this site, made in the guest book, would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to read your opinions so that improvements may be made.
Since my November entry in this journal, my diet recorded there has been changed. While I was gaining desired weight (going from 140 at the May contest to 170), I believed I was gaining too much fat. Body fat had gone from 8% to 13.4%. So, the diet has been changed to this:

Meal #1: 1 cup oatmeal (dry measure), 8 egg whites
Meal #2 6 oz tuna fish
Meal #3 8 oz chicken breast, large baked potato
Meal #4 6 oz tuna fish, 4 oz rice (dry measure)
Meal #5 8 oz chicken breast
Meal #6 8 oz lean steak

This is a 2391 calorie day which includes 315 gr protein and 171 gr carbs.
I still plan on entering the Masters class of the July 2003 NPC Teen/Collegiate/Masters Nationals Contest in Pittsburgh. I have also decided to enter the Lone Star Classic Bodybuilding Championships in Plano (near Dallas), Texas in June. I believe entering the June contest will help me be better prepared for the July nationals. It will have been a long time since my last competition in May 2002, and the Lone Star entry will help me hone the mandatory poses and posing routine.
Here is a summary of my weight and measurements.

In the November journal entry, I wrote of the presentation of Gunter Schlierkamp at the Mr Olympia, and my impression that his presentation should have earned him a place higher than the 5th given him. That belief was validated at the November Show of Strength in New Orleans. At that show Gunter placed first to Ronnie Coleman's second. I think you will be
able to see how justified that was by these pictures taken at the New Orleans' show.

This gives us much to look forward to at the 2003 Mr Olympia as well as in the other contests prior to Mr O. Ronnie is a formidable Mr O to unseat, but there will be a number of others pumping hard toward that title. Chief among them are Gunter Schlierkamp and Jay Cutler. Since Gunter has been my cyber mentor since I began bodybuilding, I, of course, have a prejudiced view in favor of him becoming Mr Olympia in 2003. Apart from my personal view, it is generally agreed that there could not be a better holder of the vaunted title. Gunter not only has the superior physique earned through many years
of dedicated training, but he has a presence and personality which would be an asset to the promotion of bodybuilding as a mainline sport.

Well, that's it for this journal entry. I'll make the next entry in a month unless there is something requiring an earlier entry.