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Benefits Of The GI Bill
Upon graduation from high school at the ending of World War II, I enlisted in the army primarily to benefit from the benefits of the GI Bill, but more importantly to see if military training could produce in me the long hoped for physical development. There was some early development, but it was not enough.
When I attempted to be accepted for paratrooper training, I was rejected on physical grounds. I continued in the service and rapidly rose to be Sergeant Major for the Japanese island of Kyushu in the occupation army days. In that duty the authorities recorded me as a soldier with extreme patriotism, and that notice was to earn me future duty, which duty was to develop my physique.
I did not know that at the time, however. I was discharged from the Regular Army, but immediately enlisted in the Army Reserve and returned to active duty. During that duty, the same authorities that had noted my patriotism indicated that I should enter the army's cryptographic school to learn that skill, and I did. After finishing the cryptographic training, it was further indicated to me that I should leave active duty and pursue my own announced desire to graduate from college and seminary to become an ordained clergyman. I did so.