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Physical Training
Then, my nephew, Robert Crosby, moved to Dallas and encouraged me to begin physical training in a local gym. I heeded his advice and began light workouts at a local sports club. After just a couple of months, I began to see my former good physique trying to come back to me. This so encouraged me that I began daily workouts. What might have been a set back then occurred. My cancer came out of remission and required 12 weeks of radiation therapy.

I told the oncology radiologist, himself a black belt in karate, that I would undergo the radiation only if it would not interfere with my workouts and he agreed to this. For the 12 weeks I went daily in the mornings to the gym for workouts and then to the hospital in the afternoons for the radiology.
Toward the end of the therapy, I asked the doctor why it was that all the others undergoing the same treatment at the hospital had bad side effects while I had none of them. He replied that I should give the credit to my working out regularly. With the end of the period of radiation, the cancer was again in remission and continues to be so now.