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14 November 2002

This page will be a diary or journal. It will be a place where I can sound off on any facet of bodybuilding. For instance, in this entry I will discuss my attendance at the recent Mr Olympia Contest. I will also give regular reports on my progress (regress?) toward my goal of competing in the 2003 Masters/Teen/Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh. Please check back from time to time to see what has been added. I will be most thankful to you if you will make comments and suggestions in the guest book. Just click onto "Contact", and then onto "guest book". I will answer you individually and, if it seems good to do, I will carry your message in the next entry to this journal. You may also choose to write me directly at with any criticism, comments, suggestions or questions and I will reply.

In October, I was fortunate enough to be able to be at the Mr Olympia Contest in Las Vegas. I had never before attended a Mr O and truly enjoyed seeing the contest and all the related events. The exhibit halls had just about every known nutrition and bodybuilding supply company represented with enough nutrition samples to make a banquet! I had a chance to meet with the reps of, for whom I regularly write articles (see Of course I encourage you to read those articles, but I also call your attention to the wealth of other bodybuilding information on the site. I also met the reps of Universal Nutrition. You know from reading my bio on this site, I have a cancer in remission which precludes me from using certain growth supplements such as those included in Universal's Animal Stak. However, I have the go-ahead from my doctors to use Universal's Animal M-Stak (no pro-hormones in it), and I shared this information with the Universal reps and promised them I would keep records of results from using it.

As you no doubt know, Jay Cutler did not choose to enter this year's Mr Olympia, although it would have been great to see him on stage. Jay was manning the ISS booth in the exhibit hall, and I got to meet and talk with him. He consented to having this picture taken of us there.

Early on as I began bodybuilding, I learned of Gunter Schlierkamp's birthday and sent him a birthday greeting. I really expected nothing back from him. He not only responded, but also asked me to tell him a bit about my own bodybuilding. I replied with some information and Gunter over the next several months corresponded with me, giving some advice and encouragement. I came to think of him as my "cyber mentor". At the judging at Mr Olympia, I was fortunate enough to be seated just in front of Gunter's lovely wife. We watched Gunter's presentation, which was superior and drew loud applause from the audience. At the evening show, Gunter's routine was absolutely beautiful, strength combined with grace. It was obvious to all that the audience placed him in the top three, perhaps even #1. The audience gave him a standing ovation. However, the judges saw it differently and awarded Gunter 5th place. At their announcement, the crowd broke out in loud boos for the judges. Gunter, always a sportsman/gentleman, quieted the audience with his hands and, before leaving, took the mike to thank the audience for their show of appreciation, saying, "You have made my day". He went on to remark that. when a bodybuilder experiences the appreciation of the audience, it means more than any judges' placement. The huge audience rose to a man and gave Gunter the well-deserved second standing ovation.

I returned home from the Mr O motivated to get back to my workouts with a vengeance in preparation for my entry into the Teen/Collegiate/Masters this coming July. At my last contest, the May 2002 NPC SW USA Bodybuilding Championships, at the tender age of 74, I entered in the 40+ classification. I came in 7th, which is not too bad considering that the others were 30 years younger than I and had been competing for many more years than I. However, I weighed in at just 140 pounds! The others all were middleweights or more. So, I agreed with my trainer/manager to take all the time between that contest and the Masters' Nationals in July 2003 to bulk up as much as possible. My goal is to enter that contest at 175#. Now, I love bodybuilding competition and so, for me, passing up all the competitions in this period is quite a price to pay! I am working hard to make it worth the price.

I workout five days a week. Extremely early in the mornings, I go to a gym near my apartment before breakfast and do cardio and some light exercises for the calves and abs. In this bulking stage, I only do the cardio three times a week and never on "legs day". In the late afternoons or evenings I meet my trainer/manager at a different gym, which is more conducive to intense weight workouts. On each of the five days I workout just one muscle group: chest, arms, legs, shoulders, back. I do three or four sets of 15 reps of five exercises, some being drop sets or super sets.

My present diet is six meals as follows:

1. 1 cup (dry measure) of oatmeal 8 egg whites
2. 7 oz tuna (water packed can) ½ cup (dry measure) rice
3. 8 oz broiled chicken breast 1 large baked potato, no skin
4. Protein Shake
5. Protein Bar
6. 8 oz no fat steak (fillet)
1 large baked potato (no skin)

For supplements, in addition to the protein shake and protein bar, I am taking Animal M-Stak before workouts, creatine and L-Glutamine. Following my injury (6 cm tear in superspinatus), I took 4,000 mg each of HMB, L-Argenine and L-Glutamine three times daily. That treatment restored my shoulder movement to full range in about six weeks time.

That's enough now for this first Newsletter/Journal entry. I thank you for reading it, and I look forward to receiving your response to it