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22 April 2003

I regret not making an entry sooner in this journal of my progress, and apologize to you. I could make excuses like telling you how busy I have been in my training regimen, but while that is true, I should have made an earlier entry and will try to write the next ones more promptly.

As you know, I take my training seriously with five days a week of morning cardio, calfs & abs exercises and, in the evenings heavy weight training. Squeezed in between, are the six meals a day, and now, as contest time grows near there are posing and posing routine practice sessions of 20 to 45 minutes. As you also know, I believe that for maximum positive results, a bodybuilder must have his own personal trainer, one who knows him, his strengths and weaknesses and goals. I am indeed fortunate to have as my own personal trainer, Dror Erez, Mr Israel '95. Dror does, of course have other demands on his time, but he takes his training responsibility seriously and so, when it came time for him to make his annual trip abroad to be with his parents for two weeks, he arranged for me to be trained in his absence by IFBB Pro, Branch Warren. Then, when he returned here, he learned that he would have to be absent again for a week in his capacity as a charter jet pilot. He then arranged for me to continue training under Branch for an additional week. The extremely good fortune of being accepted by Branch Warren for training is especially important at this time since I am only seven weeks out of my June 7th Lone Star Classic competition.

While my training under Dror's direction is hard-core and "no easy way out", that with Branch is super hard-core and requires my ready 'eye of the tiger' on the goal for "no shortcut home" training. To say that I like this method of training would be a huge understatement. I just eat it up. It hurts so good and I am developing ahead of schedule for my June competition. I am honored that Branch as well as Dror believe my disciplined dedication merits their training of me and I give thanks to them and all the powers that be for their training.

While I say that I am developing ahead of schedule, I still am hungry to get bigger and the mirror just never satisfies that insatiable hunger. My weight seems to be staying up and I am hoping that I am losing body fat while holding onto muscle growth. The scales and my appearance on June 7th will give the answer. This, it now appears, will be the first time I have competed in a class of those who are only 10+ years younger than I, and I will be ready for it. My diet has just been changed so that while my weight hovers at about 155 pounds, I consume 1599 calories daily made up of 303 grams protein, 54 grams carbs, and 6 grams of fat, six days a week and only a slight increase in carbs on the seventh day. Of course, the diet will be moderated as I get nearer to contest day.

Sorry that I have no pictures to share at this time more recent than those already on this site. However, I promise that some will be taken before the contest date and, of course, there will be more on contest day. Those of you who know bodybuilding will appreciate the reason for no pix at this time. The pictures already on the site are intended to show my progress from my start only 2 ½ years ago and so they don't yet show my present physique. I can't wait until I can share more recent pictures with you. However, if you want to see how I do look now, stop by the Ronnie Coleman Classic this weekend (April 26 th) and you will find me representing there in the exhibit booths.