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Think You Can't Be Muscular?

I am convinced, no, I know it for sure: Out there where you are reading these words there are folks who never have thought they could work out and get a muscular physique. They have allowed this belief to keep them from even trying workouts. They are not content to see the years passing and their weak physiques growing even more frail, but they resign themselves to it, believing "this is what happens when you get old." I am here to tell you to tell you that it does not need to happen.

I know this to be true from my own life experience. I had the excuse, "I can never become muscular" and I allowed it to keep me from even trying. My military service, however, compelled physical development and the self-esteem which came with it. My civilian pursuits after leaving the military brought back poor physique and lack of self-esteem which persisted for decades until I finally, at age 72, began regularly working out.